How a Crazy Conversation turned into the Best Way to Enjoy Wine, Travel and Create the Best Life Possible...

Here's the crazy story about how a conversation between two buddies became the only place to enjoy wine, amazing destinations and, if you qualify, your own Custom Blueprint to Create the Best Life Possible for people who Love Wine & Travel.

In 2006 a buddy and I we're talking about the best way to meet women in our Midwestern town. If you go to church and meet this, if you go to a bar you meet that, where are the women in between?

We joked about creating a wine and travel club because that's what everyone liked.

a few months later I learned about an online organization called meet up. I decided to put together a club for people that liked wine and travel to come together, share wine, exchange stories and to network and create friends. I didn't really think it would amount to much.

At the very first event 14 women signed up as well as four men. We got together everyone shared wine that we were studying for that event and shared their best stories about their favorite destinations.

The club quickly exploded to over 700 members.

over the next several years we had several events, we studied a lot of wine Anne we went on quite a few find local excursions.

I was also able to share the club with my investment and financial advisory clients and I also brought on several new clients that came out to the club and learned about the entire experience.

Then covid hit. Getting together became much more difficult and we decided to convert the club online.

Our new mission is still to bring people together but also to bring you the most awesome wine on the planet to enjoy, learn about fabulous destinations as well as be able to show you what you need to know in order to create a fabulous wine and travel lifestyle that is totally on automatic.

Would you like to know more about awesome wines and fantastic destinations

Would you like to be able to totally retire within the next 10 years

have you recently retired and want to travel and enjoy wine

have you gone through a career transition Anne want to learn about new possibilities so you can live freely and independently

Each week we'll bring you podcast conversations with proprietors of some of the most awesome places in the world to enjoy wine

will also tell you more about those destinations and what makes them so especially unique

I'll also share with you important strategies in order to create the financial life you need and want

I'll also share with you investment secrets that are known to only wealthy individuals so you can grow and protect the nest egg you've created so you can enjoy the wine and travel lifestyle that our members benefit from every single day

as a financial advisor investment manager and business and life strategist for more than 20 years I can show you exactly how to chart the fastest course to retirement and the financial life of your dreams

enjoy the wine, enjoy the travel, or get the entire package in order to set yourself up for the financial freedom and peace that you want in order to truly enjoy a fabulous wine and travel lifestyle.


 what is doc vino dinero

a doctor is somebody who heels, protects and saves lives. I help people chart of course very wealthy healthy life.

vino is just playing fun. It brings people together, it helps people share good times. It can be shared with one other person or an entire group or after a long hard day out on your balcony enjoying your own garden of serenity.

dinero is money. It creates the freedom to enjoy the type of life that you really want. And if structured properly can create a lifetime of happiness, freedom and peace.

That's what I do for people and that's what doc vino dinero is all about.




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Surfside Wine Tasting - Get to Know Fabulous Vino. Members only can also share their experiences online.

Long story short...

It's all about enjoying the best times with the best people...

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