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Great Wine Deals for Members of DocVinoDinero

Yes, we're bringing in the best wines from the greatest clubs from across the world, just fo you. has just about every wine you could ever want. With a huge selection of great vino as well as terrific savings, you truly can't go wrong. 

Our Wine Clubs are custom designed for your benefit!

Virgin Wines

Virgin Wines

Virgin Wines has eclectic wines you've never even dreamed of. Try Rock & Roll wines, Famed Hollywood Stars and other crazy vino from around the world.

Wine Access

Wine Access creates an extraordinary experience, from grape to glass and every moment in between. We’re here to give you extraordinary access, and take you to extraordinary places along the way. Over 20,000 wines have been tasted. Only the very best make it on our site. This is where our commitment to making extraordinary begins.

Our Process

We want you to truly, deeply enjoy some of the best wine from around the world. Then, pair it with food specifically, dramaitcally designed to make your tastebuds scream for more. Enjoy at our events, with a special somone or just after a great day.

First, find a terific wine club and order as much as you want. Immerse yourself in dark blackberry notes with dramatic tannins which make your tastebuds beg for more.

Then contrast the vino with an amazing food entree from the greatest kitchens on the planet.

Doc's other obsession, and will become yours... Amazingly Great Food.

Summer is a great time for beach's, the great outdoors and... 


SeaBear Wild Salmon has delectable food which is absolutely scrumptious.

Try Salmon with a Pinot Noir or maybe Scallops with Sauvignon Blanc. Tell 'em Doc sent you!

SeaBear Wild Salmon

SeaBear Chowder & Soups

Long story short...

The job isn't done until you're seeing the promised results. Wine only goes so far. Combine tops wines with amazing delacacies and now you're just beginning to enjoy the benefits of DocVinoDinero. Get to know us, come out to our events, network with other visionaries, create the life you want.

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Our community is excited to start brainstorming ideas for your wine, travel and life experience. Join us for free, get inspiring ideas, and learn the secret that makes DocVinoDineros unlike any expereince you've ever enjoyed!