Our Story

A "joke" between two buddies that turned into a phenominal way to enjoy wine, travel and network with others in order to live the best life possible.

We started out as a joke between two buddies wanting to meet "the right woman". "How do you meet women in this town"? Go to a bar, you meet this, go to church, you meet that...

Where is the person "in the middle"?

Anyway, we found a way to get the word out and DocVinoDinero's Best of Wine and Travel Club was born.

Soon, our Social Club with just a few people turned into a real club with over 500 fantastic members. DocVinoDinero's has become a great way to meet new friends, build business alliances, network among peers and learn strategies to live life abundantly, while enjoying that most wonderful of all passions relavent to each of us, wine and travel!

At the very minimum, each month we get togther, share wine from a region we are "studying" at some of the best places to dine around. Also, there are often other opportunities to get togther at house parties, local events, special adventures and more.


When it comes to wine, we study wines from around the country and around the world. Members and attendees bring one of their favorites from one of the Amazing Wine Clubs we work with or from a local merchant. We share "tastings" with one another and vote on the best one.


When it comes to travel, we share idea's and inside secrets on the best places to go, expereinces that all members have had or want to enjoy and get feedback from each other on the little known possibilities that can help each one of us enjoy fantastic adventures. Beyond this we also design special outings and adventures within the membership.


Then there's Networking, Business Building and Life Hacking! Designed to vastly improve on the life that you have.

For more than 20 years "Doc", um, Doug has helped members and clients build better lives through smart planning, intelligent investing and creating systems and companies to make life more rewarding and more fun!

DocVinoDinero's has been a great way to meet others, build friendships as well as create business relationships and contacts.

  • Do you want a better job?
  • Would you like to meet others whom can benefit from your knowledge?
  • Would you like to create multiple income channels?
  • Do you want to retire faster?
  • Would you like to help others become successful?

From starting your own business, to getting the career of your dreams, enhancing a boundless retirement and living successfully and networking with others, our members help each other to create the Best Life Possible!

Yes, we started out as an idea, a joke, a "what if" and we have grown beyond just a fun way to get together into a materful way to create, have and enjoy the best life has to offer.

Come out to one of our events and learn more about why people are raving about DocVinoDineros and what you've been missing. It's time to live Amazingly!

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Our Process

Each month wqe meet at a local venue. If it's a restaurant each attendee is expected to dine, share wine, travel and life enhancing experiences with one another.

Each member brings a bottle of their favorite wine to try and share with others.  

At every event, we focus on three incredibly important things:  

Wine enjoyment

Travel ideas

Lifestyle enhancement

It's important to note each event usually has some type of event fee. This generally covers "corkage", event materials and handouts, if any, as well as room charges. DocVinoDineros generally does not participate in this income other than handling for the venue.

Some people want a "free" ride. Sorry, if that's the case we're probably not the right fit. We want the BEST experiences possible. Even though we try to keep things economical you generally get what you pay for.

We want to make sure you enjoy the best there is to offer.

Come out and learn more about how to create the best life possible.

Long story short...

If you want to enjoy wine and travel, meet new people, do after work networking and come across multiple ways to create the best life you can own, just try us out!

You'll find a new way to have a really, truly great time!

And who knows, you might just vastly improve your life in the process.

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